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October 18th-24th

Sponsored by the NFB Seniors Division

This virtual retreat focuses on promoting a sense of wellbeing and self-confidence despite living with newly acquired vision loss, and/or lifelong blindness. Our collective experience has taught us, that learning about blindness from competent blind people, while sharing the camaraderie of fellow retreat members, strengthens personal growth and guides seniors to advocate for themselves. Participants can look forward to receiving training in basic skills in adaptive techniques, development of new strategies for solving problems, an introduction to valuable resources, all to be better able to determine for themselves, what steps they can take to Live The Life They Want. We cannot overstate the positive impact an individual will experience as a member of a group of seniors, working together, sharing the life-changing activities in a retreat of this nature; just ask one of our recent graduates!

Please read the following registration form and choose the option which best suits your situation to register. Note, complete this before September 30th. Come join us to explore the possibilities of taking control of your life, and accepting vision loss by learning from a supportive, caring group of successful blind Americans.

If you need it, download the Flyer by clicking on this link.

Registration Form


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Provide us with the following information and submit it, no later than September 30th.
Email Address:
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Have you had any skills training in blindness techniques in the past? Yes- No-
When did onset of blindness occur? Within the past year- Within the past three years- More than five years- More than ten years- Longer-

Check the classes you are most interested in learning:
Cane Travel-
Beginning Braille-
Daily Living-
Organizational Skills-
Exploring Hobbies-
Basic Information on iPhone and IOS devices-
Meaningful Discussions on Living With My Blindness-

Our greatest gift to you during this training, is to teach you how to think as a blind person needs to think. All your instructors are competent blind people who use these skills on a daily basis, and have been sharing this knowledge for years.

Note: It is highly recommended that you acquire a long, rigid white cane free from the National Federation of the Blind to practice with the instructors as you learn techniques for proper use, storage and traveling with a white cane. The proper length of your cane, when standing it vertical at your front, it should extend up to your chin but not higher than your nose. Canes should be ordered no later than September 5th, so you receive it in time to participate in this retreat. Here is a phone number to speak to someone to assist in ordering it-- 410-659-9314
Here is the link to where you can fill out an on-line form, to have a cane sent to you.

Also, if you checked (yes) to having an interest in learning beginning Braille, you will receive a Braille booklet.
If you do not own a slate and stylus, the long-time tool for writing braille, the NFB will give you one, free! Here is the link to have one sent to you.

The cost per attendee for this retreat is $50.00. It can be paid by one of the following two methods:
(Note on the actual registration form: please check the option you have chosen; it will help us to match up you and your money.)

#1 PayPal, or credit card from this website.

#2 By check and sent to our treasurer:

Seniors Division
Duncan Larsen
Colorado Center for the Blind
2233 West Shepperd Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120.

The check should be made out to: NFB seniors division. In the memo field, write- SENIOR RETREAT.

Fees are nonrefundable and money will be considered a donation to the Seniors Division. Payments should be received by September 30th.

Should you have any questions, please contact Ruth Sager, President NFB Seniors Division
Phone: 410-602-9030
Email: rsager78@gmail.com

Note: Once your registration has been reviewed, the retreat team will send you the information necessary for you to call into the classes that you are scheduled for; this phone platform, is Zoom. If you need Some assistance in knowing what to do to make this work for you, please email, or call! This platform will work for the person using a landline phone, or a smart phone, or a computer.

We look forward to your participation in our first-ever virtual Senior Retreat.

If you need it, download the registration form by clicking on this link.
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Paying by PayPal- a PayPal account, or by a credit card:

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