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Minnesota Blind Seniors

Are you a senior struggling with vision loss?
The NFB of Minnesota Seniors Division is Here to Help

Accepting Change
As we age, so do our eyes and this may result in vision loss. In fact, the majority of people who develop low vision or become legally blind are over 65. Of course, adapting to changes in your eyesight can be difficult and may lead to fear, frustration, and feelings of isolation and helplessness. Sometimes well-intentioned friends and family members may even contribute to these negative feelings because they too believe we are unable to care for ourselves.

A New Attitude
We at the NFB of Minnesota Seniors Division believe vision loss need not restrict your life. Our experience is that with the correct training and encouragement, seniors with vision loss can, and do, continue to enjoy full and independent lives.

The secret lies in the AAA Approach: Acceptance, Attitude, and Alternative techniques. By learning to use some alternative techniques that employ senses of touch or hearing rather than sight, low vision seniors continue to do almost everything they wish.

Adopting Alternative Techniques
Thankfully,many of these clever alternatives are relatively easy to learn. Blind and low vision seniors everywhere are successfully using practical nonvisual techniques to manage everyday life to retain and regain their independence.

You can:
•find alternatives to driving
•cook and clean
•write letters
•continue favorite hobbies
•shop in stores and online
•dial the telephone
•use computers
•read daily newspapers
•organize and identify money
•recruit and work with readers •travel for pleasure
•get around safely and confidently

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