Information and Instructions:

The link below will take you to a page on the website of NLS (National Library Service), called Find a Library. You will be given two options to locate a library serving the blind and visually impaired in your state:

First option, is a toll free phone number where during business hours you can get the information you need; phone number, mailing or web address, and more.

Second option, There is a form you can use to find the contact information you need. This is easy, there are just two steps. #1 Start by using the very first control on the form, which is a list-box called, All Special Materials and Locations. This is where you can find your state listed. Activate that list, by clicking on it, then scroell down the list until you find your state; you can arrow down, or use the first letter of your state to jump down to where on the list are states beginning with that letter. #2 Go to the last control on this form, which is the Start Search button, and click on it.

Find a Library

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