Current Division President: Carol Braithwaite

Phone: (205) 903-8520

Here is a small section of the information available for seniors that can be found on the Alabama affiliate website; for more, visit the links below:

FOCUS on Seniors

Are you over age 50? Are you blind or starting to lose your vision and wondering how other people like you handle problems you have not had to worry about in the past? If so, you are not alone. All over Alabama there are people like you.

The National Federation of the Blind of Alabama is with you! We want to open lines of communication throughout the state to help each other find some solutions that really work so we can live the lives we want. Some top concerns for all seniors are:

o Personal safety

o Maintaining good health

o Financial security

o Becoming or staying independent

o Access to the community of your choice

o Inclusion in the community of your choice (family, worship setting, community events, voting process….to name a few)

We who have lost or are losing vision have a few more concerns specific to us, too. See if you want help with any of the following challenges or can offer help to other seniors with any of them:

o Overcoming isolation and misunderstanding

o Maintaining a positive attitude about your condition

o Finding good training for

o Using a cane or guide dog for travel

o Reading and writing Braille

o Using high tech devices like a computer or cell phone

o Keeping your home safe and organized

o Gaining and keeping a job

o Understanding services offered by the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind

o Finding affordable resources for getting a computer or cell phone

o Learning about how NFB can help you

o Learning about how you can help other blind people through supporting the NFB

As you read these checklists, consider the ones that matter to you. If you check even one of them, your NFB affiliate is with you! We seniors all have at least ONE check. We want to help each other with becoming empowered to increase our personal freedom to live the lives we want.

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