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Thursday, July 16, 2020

2:00 PM EDT. Ruth Sager,President: 443.929.0128

Greet Everyone: overview of the meeting agenda.

1. 2:05 Pm; Live The Life You Want Senior Retreat 2019: Ms. Kattie Dugan GA; 662.616.5385 and Mr. Darryl Rice, MI 313.363.5177 will share their experience as participants in our second annual Senior Retreat held at Rocky Bottom, South Carolina.

2. Ms. Deborah Kendrick, 2:25 Pm; author of many articles and now two most valuable books dealing with losing both sight and hearing; stratigizing on techniques, skills and common sense to navigate healthcare, determine best practices for yourself.

3. Mr. Ben Cooper and Mr. Mike Tran 2:50 Pm; from Bentech Corporation will give an update on BookShare.

4. Panel discussion: 2.57 Pm; from several state Senior Division leaders will share what's happening in their states: SAGE comNM, Veronica Smith, 505.269.1034 Stacey Purgahn, 337.258.9420 LA, Rehabilitation Specialist at the Louisiana Center for the Blind, Shelley Coppel, 303.819.9795 Secretary to the National Senior Division SC, Virtual Senior Camp; and Vanessa Meadows, GA, 678.732.9067 Senior Division.

5. Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum 520.909.0998 3:20 Pm; Director of Research from the American Foundation For The Blind will share with us research being done on behalf of the senior population.

6. Dr. Robin Brewer 734.615.1299 3:40 Pm; University of Michigan, is recruiting seniors to test a regular phone application that let's the blind or visually impaired user have many of the functions they would be able to use with a smart phone.

7. Duncan Larsen, 303.847.8474 3:47 Pm Treasurer's Report. Diane xcGeorrge 303.321.4268

8. Ruth Sager, 443.929.0128 3:52 443.929.0128 Group vote on postponing officer elections until 2021.

9. Can unmute for vote and any discussion of new o! old business; Any additional New Business? Old Business?


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